About BluBelle Lane


BluBelle Lane, an independent florist based in Southampton covering the Hampshire and New Forest area, is a long-held ambition fulfilled by qualified florist, Jo Fleet.

From an early age Jo always had a passion for flowers which was nurtured by her mum, a keen gardener who loved Spring blooms. Whether it be a simple bunch of market bought carnations or a more expensive rose bouquet Jo enjoyed arranging these for her on mothers day, birthdays or just as an end of week treat.

This is how Jo learned to appreciate a flower's colour, shape, texture and scent and began to understand how flowers reflect personal tastes and evoke special memories.

By working together with and carefully listening to clients, Jo loves to design bespoke arrangements that reflects her client's desired mood.

Spending time with clients ensures an understanding of what they wish to achieve, allowing Jo to personally create unique designs which also allows the client to experience a truly personal service.

"The bluebell is the sweetest flower
that waves in Summer air;
It's blossoms have the mightiest power
To soothe my spirit's care."
                                          Emily Bronte, 1850


Bluebells have long been symbolic of humility and gratitude and associated with constancy and everlasting love. The presence of a bluebell in a floral bouquet would have symbolised one's unwavering devotion to their love, through the means of this coded message.